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Luxury 8-inch (20cm) Memory foam Mattress 10cm of memory foam 2.5cm of super luxury top layer + 7.5cm of 80 kg/m3 middle layer

Total memory foam depth 10cm!!! (4 INCHES!!)

  • 1 inch OF super luxury top layer + 3 inches of 80 kg/m3 middle layer Total memory foam depth 4 INCHES!!!
  • High density memory foam mattress
  • Complete with an Airflow Cover
  • Ikea Mattress sizes available
  • Moulds to your body 
  • 80kg/m?High density memory foam
  • No springs No lumps
  • Tossing & turning reduced by 85%
  • Thick quilted cover - Hypo Allergenic
  • Washable zip off cover
  • Advanced Airflow material
  • Cool in summer warm in winter
  • Complies with UK Fire Safety Regulations

If you are looking for true comfort from a mattress then there is no doubt that a Memory Foam mattress will provide all that you need.

we supply the memory foam mattress with a hypo-allergenic cover that you can easily unzip to wash separately.

The memory foam mattress is based on NASA technology which is state of the art, and made from unique Visco elastic foam. The mattress itself is thick containing high density memory foam.

The memory foam moulds itself to your body which will relieve any pressure points, and distributes your weight evenly across the mattress. This mattress is suitable for everyone as it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It is truly adaptable and available in all sizes so you can have it on a bed frame or a divan bed.

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8-inch (20cm) Memory foam Mattress

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